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Women in SAR 

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Sisters of SAR is a voluntary initiative that officially launched on Twitter on April 27, 2020. Created and organised by women in SAR, we promote the exceptional advancements in SAR research and engineering around the world while showcasing the accomplishments of other women in our field. In a field historically dominated by men, we help make sure that the voices and work of women no longer go unnoticed. 

On this website, you will find information about the Sisters of SAR initiative, our goals and vision, as well as information and contact details of the organisers. You will also find contact details of all the SAR Stars that were featured on our #SAR_STAR Fridays series as well as SAR resources that were tweeted as part of our #TrainingTuesday series. 


Sisters of SAR follows a weekly tweeting schedule that aims at promoting women in SAR, capacity building, spreading SAR awareness and providing up-to-date information regarding SAR missions, job opportunities, upcoming conferences and trainings. We also give shout-outs to other Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity initiatives. 

#SARFact Mondays

Starting the week on a quirky and informative note, we post SAR facts about sensors, missions, SAR frequencies, SAR concepts, and other fun tidbits of information. There are so many different and unusual aspects to SAR and we want to help uncover the mysteries and dispel myths surrounding SAR with the help of experts, everywhere.

We know that SAR is perceived as being complex! Our goal with Training Tuesdays is to highlight the myriad of available SAR training material around the world, available on-line and for free. We also provide links to training guides, along with upcoming SAR and Remote Sensing conferences and meetings.

Every Wednesday we highlight a Twitter feed from around the world that supports women, champions gender equity, boosts marginalized communities, promotes geoscience and STEM for the next generation, and brings attention to and promotes opportunities for underrepresented communities in STEM.

is on Thursday. We demonstrate that SAR images are not just fuzzy greyscale pictures but can also be incredibly beautiful. We focus on retweeting work and images from our followers along with providing some content ourselves from our friends and colleagues. But #PictureDay is not just about nifty SAR pictures. We also provide informative explanations about these interesting images including details on sensors, frequencies, and polarizations.

#SAR_STAR Fridays
are our pride and joy! The SAR_STAR is a woman at any point in her career. We give a few details of her choice which often includes education,employment, SAR favourites, SAR applications, and quirky details. Our STAR provides pictures from conferences, field work or personal life along with journal articles or conference presentations. These tweets are generally threaded and we try and tag the institutions and colleagues that the STAR has been associated with. As of 6th October 2021 we have featured more than 60 fantastic and amazing SAR women. We are aware of the lack of women mentors in the field of SAR remote sensing and we hope to change this by promoting as many SAR_STARs as possible

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